Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Prayer

This week (today for some) the sweet girls of my True Beauty ministry go back to school. My heart has been heavy with that thought for about a week now and the following is my prayer for them (straight out of this morning's journaling session in my prayer journal) as they once again return to grade school. Join me in prayer for these and others who will be exposed to so much purity-sucking worldliness and straight sin in the halls, and sometimes classrooms, of the public (and private) schools.

Dear God,

I pray for my little ones as they go off to school now that summer is over. I pray that You bring them to the end of theirselves and show them their desperate need for You. Expose the emptiness of the world and the evil that lurks around them and may it cause them to run to You. I pray for teachers who will fill their minds with good things and who will pour truth into them at the risk of their own jobs. I pray You preserve whatever innocence these young girls have left and use all things to point them to You and magnify Your glory. I pray the lessons they have heard in True Beauty, church and from their parents will come back to their minds and that they will be true ladies who set an example for all with purity in speech, in doctrine and in attitude and actions.Help them to be uncomfortable so they find their comfort in You. May they be lonely so they find true companionship in You. May they be hopeless so they find You as their hope. May You show them their sin so they see You as the glorious sin-bearer.Help them not to consent when sinners entice and may they have nothing to do with the putting down of others and everything to do with putting others' needs above their own. I pray school for these sweet girls this year will be a place where they radically experience You and Your magnificent Gospel.Thank You for loving them more than I, and for going before them. Show them Your beauty, Lord- may You be the most attractive person to them. I love You, God. Amen. 


Anonymous said...

:) love it. And you. I won't give up<3 and I still need to talk to you whenever I can.

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